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Going Left, Going Industrial !

So as I have been researching all these days on various design languages, style and principles, I think I might have fallen for this absolutely proudly growing trend, Industrial Design. This style is about proudly displaying the building materials that many try to conceal. It’s about adding a raw, unfinished look to the most thoughtfully designed homes. It’s about selecting pieces that are as much about function as style.

This week we are going left , we are going Industrial.

Simply that this concept is based largely upon the space being honest with its components i.e. everything from the construction to the selected furniture and items are boldly on display. Industrial style can be an unfinished look and focuses on combining raw and pretty rough surfaces with clean, flat surfaces. You are particularly looking for old industrial looking objects that are made from steel, metal or wood. These items are preferably worn down or have been salvaged and recycled. You are fortunate to have walls in your house that are unfinished or old because it can add to your industrial style. One of the other elements will be if you have exposed pipes. They can be a fabulous choice for all-white spaces, as the brightness of the walls and ceiling are a sharp contrast to the metal of the piping. As with minimalism a great floor option is polished concrete, that is the number one choice for industrial interiors. It is the decor that brings a softness into your space so try to find some seriously comfy sofas and big scatter cushions to work alongside the ‘industrial’ type objects. A wooden table paired with metal chairs. Exposed pipes and ducts. A kitchen with stainless steel counters. These industrial elements combine to create the chic modern home. Free standing floor lamps are a wonderful source of flooring for this look. Try to add a few amazing looking pendants into your space.

The following are the key elements of Industrial Design that we can try at home:

1) Natural exposed brick work !

2) By exposing or installing steel structures such as beams, pipes, constructional components.

3) Show me Concrete !

4) Rough Timbers !

5) Fabulous Light Fittings ! ​

6) Interesting Furniture !

As you can see, industrial style takes many forms. From exposed piping on ceilings and walls to wood and metal furnishings and accents, there are many ways you can get the industrial look at home. Whether you go vintage or stick with new items, there’s are pieces for every price point.

Hope you liked it !

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