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All Because She Fell In Love with Scandinavia !

So, how did I fall in love with Scandinavian Design? Why am I so obsessed with this style? Why am I crazy enough to promote Scandinavian Style in India? Why only Scandinavian style and not design style in general? As we all know I started to write about Scandinavian and Minimalist styles this Saturday, so my friends, other than my Scandinavian friends who already know all of the answers to the above questions, and family began asking me all these questions.

Well this all happened while I was doing research for my college projects. We are all designers and our first goal is to find our style, whether it’s modern, traditional, industrial, eclectic, Scandinavian, minimalist etc. Nearly all of my classmates had it figured out and I still did not know what my style was, which is frustrating when to someone who wants to call themselves a designer. During this research, I came across a furniture brand from Copenhagen called “Normann Copenhagen” and it was love at first sight. I did not stop talking about this brand, researching about it, or getting to know it better. While doing all this research, I was introduced to Scandinavian Style. Just as it was with Normann Copenhagen, I thus immediately fell in love with Scandinavian style.

If I were to start to talk about it, it I would be hard for me stop. But I won’t bore you with all of the details. Instead I’ll give you a small glimpse of where it comes from and why I like it so much! Scandinavia encompasses all of the countries of Northern Europe, including Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. In just a few words, Scandinavian design is fairly minimalist, with simple lines. The main characteristic of this style is that it is very effective without using any loud or heavy elements, thus only what is needed is used. It is said that for the products to survive in the North it would have to be functional, which became the basis of this style from the beginning. This style is famously referred to as democratic design seeing as its aim was to attract the masses with products which were easily accessible and affordable. Therefore, the main goal of this style was to promote design that the general public could access and enjoy. The name was derived from a design exhibition in the US and Canada from 1954-1957, which promoted the phrase “Scandinavian way of living”. The designers of this time established the meaning of this style by using adjectives like: beautiful, simple, and clean designs, inspired by nature and the northern climate, with an emphasis on enjoying the domestic environment.

What is Scandinavian Design Style? I asked some of my Swedish friends this question to find out and understand it more, and in conclusion I collected some great and simple descriptions to put out there, so that everybody could understand the style. So here are 5 words that describe this style accurately for me.


As mentioned before, the design derives high function from the products without losing their grace and beauty. They have clean and simple lines, fairly minimalist and very comfortable to use. This design, to a great extent, has a timeless look where people are more motivated to invest in it within a reasonable price range.

2. LIGHTING in Play

The use of artificial light and natural light is very common in this style. Because of the dark weather, there is a desire to have a brightly lit room. Light plays an important role in many aspects. The use of big lamps, table lamps, windows, mirrors and especially candles has been an important part of keeping the “Calm and Light” nature of this style and for fighting off the winter blues.​

3. WHITE is the New Black

The use of white color in this design style is very common and plays a dominant role. To make the place a little more playful the use of different hues are used so that they pop up on this white canvas, while still keeping it simple and clean.

4. The use of Natural Material, WOOD

The use of natural materials like marble, granite and especially wood is an essential part of this design style. This also highly compliments the white scheme of the space quite well. Wood is also used in various ways from the furniture to flooring and ceilings. White pine, ash and beech wood are highly recommended for this style.


Every style has their own approach towards the people living in that space. Mentioned again and again, Scandinavian design, according to me, is an emotional design style. The use of natural materials and light makes one able to comune with nature. The use of the different shades of white simplifies the place and keeps it calm and soothing. The use of candles also brings a relaxing feel, and drawing upon the famous phrase “less is more”, this design style justifies itself by bringing simplicity into our lives.

I hope you love this style as much as I do.

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