Shivamraj Gautam : Senior Architect

A tenacious professional, graduate from TMU, Moradabad, involving in architecture, construction, facilities procurement and market analysis. A natural and dedicated team worker with proven adeptness in learning and observing to improve efficiency, productivity and business process towards successful attainment of organizational goal.

Sanchita Sharma : Senior Designer

" Creative by nature and artistic by profession "
Sanchita has a creative personality, getting inspired from daily mundane things around her. With a degree in Interior Architecture from Sushant School of Design. Treating new spaces like a blank canvas, she experiments with new ideas and designs, focusing on aesthetics.

Mohit Verma : Interior Architect

Being inspired by minimalism , he strongly believes in the adage “ less is more “ but not when it comes to work. You’d find him at the work site capturing the best angles through his camera and getting a sense of the space , when he’s not behind the desk designing the interiors. Being receptive, creative and proactive, he’s an absolute delight to work with.

Penbeni : Assistant to the Principals

Young energetic and enthusiastic person who strives to bring about new ideas freshness in the work environment.
"A dedicated hardworking people person in general,  who tends to bring about positive output in every field she does." She is the one who keeps the discipline going and makes our principals lives lot easier.

Srishti Gupta : Associate Interior Designer

“Design is thinking made visual” For me designing is making someone's dreams come to reality, following design trends and constantly learning to bring new and fresh design on the table  Having a degree in interior design from amity university. I believe in practicality while designing which gives  timeless feeling to spaces.

 Irwin Sandhu : Senior Architect

The budding architect graduated from the beautiful valley of Dehradun, DIT University which developed her love for nature and the art is reflected in her designs. A very jolly, hardworking person, she is open to every form of architecture and likes to detail her drawings with intricate designs as she treats each space as a work of art.

Bhanu Gaur : Furniture Designer 

Recently graduated with a degree in Bachelor in Interior Designing from Amity University, Noida. I am eager to learn new things. Designer & Dreamer - These words describes most of my life. I got interested in designing when I saw how designers put soul into a lifeless empty room.

 Jai Khanna : Junior Interior Architect 

Recently graduated from Amity University with a degree in Interior Design. I love to experiment with spaces, mix and match various styles and do things in a never-before-done way. I believe that spaces can directly impact the lives of people in a positive manner.

Tanya Parashar: Junior Interior Designer 

With a Professional Diploma in interior Design from Academy of applied arts, Ive always believed in the idea of “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”  Designing for me is a mix of timeless beauty and grace, the refined space never goes out of style.