Shalu Gupta : Furniture Department Head

A mother of  three and a full time workaholic, Shalu heads our Furniture Department and is known as the problem solver of the company. She makes sure that we deliver the best to the client, not compromising a little on the quality. Personally attending and inspecting every furniture piece, and making sure that everything is running smooth,  Shalu is the back bone of us all. Our company appreciates her efforts and hard work  and salutes Woman Power.   

Avni Aggarwal : Interior Architect 

Having recently graduated from Pearl Academy, with a Degree in Interior Architecture, Avni brings to table a young & fresh mind coupled with the ability to work hard and in tandem with the company’s goals. She is a dedicated individual who wouldn’t strive for anything less than perfect!

Shivamraj Gautam : Architect

A tenacious professional, graduate from TMU, Moradabad, involving in architecture, construction, facilities procurement and market analysis. A natural and dedicated team worker with proven adeptness in learning and observing to improve efficiency, productivity and business process towards successful attainment of organizational goal.

Rahul Nanda : Interior Architect

An enthusiast always looking for new opportunities to explore what design has to offer. Unfraid to try new things and techniques. Creating articulate spaces, attention to details and implementation, while keeping high emphasis on functionality and comfort is where his passion lie.

Sanchita Sharma : Interior Architect

" Creative by nature and artistic by profession "
Sanchita has a creative personality, getting inspired from daily mundane things around her. With a degree in Interior Architecture from Sushant School of Design. Treating new spaces like a blank canvas, she experiments with new ideas and designs, focusing on aesthetics.

Mohit Verma : Interior Architect

Being inspired by minimalism , he strongly believes in the adage “ less is more “ but not when it comes to work. You’d find him at the work site capturing the best angles through his camera and getting a sense of the space , when he’s not behind the desk designing the interiors. Being receptive, creative and proactive, he’s an absolute delight to work with.

Anup Tuteja : Interior Architect/ Furniture Designer

Anup being one of the most experienced member of our family has extensive experience working on residential and hospitality projects.His experience in furniture design has made him passionate about wood. You’ll find the warmth and aesthetic of wood in combination with contemporary minimalistic concepts in many of his designs. The thing that drives him to design or, the force that drives him to design is the sense of being alive. It is the fulfillment of our spiritual need to create and learn.


B-503 (Basement Floor), 

Sushant Lok - 1 

Gurugram, Haryana 







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